Av. Costanera Sur 2730, Piso -2, Torre B, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.



Ström Safe presents the latest state of the art technology in safe deposit boxes and the first non-bank automated access and retrieval system centre in South America. Ström Safe safety deposit boxes are powered by Gunnebo, the Swedish world leader in high safety vaults.
Ström Safe is a company devoted to providing premium safe deposit boxes and associated services to the corporate and individual consumer, meeting their most demanding requirements.
Ström Safe deposit boxes provide several (and) very important advantages: Tranquility, flexibility and security . Ström Safe deposit boxes are located in an elegant and comfortable area with biometric systems for access and high-tech user identification. Specially designed to protect documents. Ideal for protecting sensitive documents, deeds and all other valuables. Time efficiency. Ström Safe systems use sophisticated robotic vaults, which allow quick and discreet access. Comfort. to better suit the customer convenience and availability/access, Ström Safe works on extended hours. Payment Methods.
Equipped with automated Swedish Gunnebo vaults, Ström Safe offers the highest level of security for commercial vaults worldwide (Grade VII). Used in banks such as ABN AMRO (Netherlands), Commerzbank (Germany) and BNP Paribas (France).
Ström Safe is located in Parque Titanium, a business complex reknowned for its innovative design and environment. It is one of the most important business centres of Santiago and an ideal location for such/our services.